The Supership Group is an amalgamation of a variety of start-up companies that deploys a Marketing Technology Business and a Data Enabler Business as a KDDI Group company.
In the Marketing Technology Business, we offer ad platforms, DMP, and ad verification solutions. In the Data Enabler Business, we as a data enabler, make full use of data provided by the Supership Group and our outstanding technologies that design data as a core competence to convert any and all data possessed by customer companies to management resources and deploy the business while the entire Group works closely together. Starting with data consulting and AI architecture, some of the examples we offer include digital sales promotion solutions for EC, OMO solutions, and video advertising platform for TVs.
Technical experts such as data scientists, data analysts, and engineers make up half of our group’s members. In addition, professionals with outstanding careers in many different fields have also come together at Supership Group. Together, we take advantage of our many strengths to continue to grow rapidly.

Due to the practical application of 5G and high speed progress of technology, the world of the IoE (Internet of Everything) in which everything is connected to the Internet continues to accelerate and the volume of information is increasing tremendously.
Consequently, we believe this large amount of data can be utilized to make our everyday lives even more convenient and comfortable as well as create a prosperous future for everyone.
On the other hand, nowadays, data privacy protection is required around the world, and the establishment of laws and regulations to enforce data privacy protection has started in each country.
Privacy first is a fundamental part of the data that we provide as well as when we assist customers with the promotion of digital transformation. The Supership Group utilizes technologies to increase the transparency of privacy protection and data use.

To make happiness a future reality is our Group purpose. We are not talking about the distant future which can be described as a world view in science fiction but a tangible future that is an extension of a realistic world that describes the day when everyone can live happier and more fulfilled lives.
We don’t think this is difficult to achieve. We believe it can be realized steadily by making the ideas and assets of various companies easier to use and deliver to people with the power of technology.
The Supership Group supports companies in Japan as well as those all over the world by utilizing data and technology to create new value for society.

President and Representative Director / CEO Shingo Inaba