Group Purpose

We envision a future reality that is essential for business and people’s lives that we will achieve by creating unprecedented value.

Through co-creation based on our ideas, skills, and technology, we can ensure that our clients and employees have a happier and brighter future.

We strive to continuously deliver this new value to the world to completely change the future for everyone.

Group Value

Since our establishment in 2014, we have had many new members with exceptional talent join our team as we successfully develop our business. However, now that we are a group of over 500 employees, its time reunite the feelings of all employees in order to develop our business into one that truly represents Japan.

As we are plan to launch forward on our new journey, we decided to express our new mission with the phrase “to make happiness a mirai real with the power of technology”. However, we were unsure if sharing this phrase would actually unite the feelings of all members which lead us to reconsider our company name “Supership”.

The origin of Super means exceed/move forward. Ship originally meant form/condition but this was changed slightly to mean of way/attitude/spirit. By combing these two meanings, we created “to go beyond the limits of today and find a new way for the future”. In order to include this meaning into our new mission as well, we decided to create the following 4 values to describe the kind of behaviour and spirit that is required by all employees.

To simply put it, this is a code of conduct for all employees that expresses the essence of Supership.



Imagine an exciting future

Your future business or lifestyle shouldn’t be something that you try to think up rationally. Just start by trying to imagine the kind of future that makes you excited. When you have thought of something, make it your goal to create this product or service and then implement it into your life and the world.



If there are risks, it’s worth the challenge

If there aren’t any risks then there won’t be any chances for new possibilities or value in perusing the endeavor. If you encounter risks on the job, be sure to properly identify them and proceed with care. If you do this, just believe in the possibility and boldly take on the challenge.



Fulfill your professional responsibility of freedom, autonomy, and ingenuity

A professional’s responsibility is to remain free regardless of common practices or past events, to think and act without waiting for instruction, and to create big value through the accumulation of persistent daily efforts. This professionalism and work environment are the reasons why our jobs must be performed by other dedicated, like-minded professionals.



Connect with others to discover new possibilities

Although we cannot perform our jobs alone, it doesn’t mean forming teams with employees who have similar skillsets. We should meet with people who have different talents and make a genuine effort while working together to mix things up by challenging each other. By connecting with others, we will create more chances to find new possibilities and strengthen co-creation.